The Bulls Masters was formed in early 2010 by foundation members Jimmy Maher, Andrew Bichel, Martin Kent, Michael Kasprowicz and Ian Healy.

Soon after this, the Board appointed Ian Healy as the chairman of the organisation, John O'Brien AM as its chief executive officer, and Maher as general manager.

The major goals of the Bulls Masters are to utilise past Queensland Cricket greats to help foster and develop cricket throughout Queensland and more importantly provide community support, assistance to local charities and support for Indigenous communities.

The Bulls Masters is a non-profit organisation that aims to be a positive and beneficial influence on people's lives through interaction and education using its personnel as the vehicle to drive positive change.

The ability to visit a vast array of Queensland towns and have an impact on people's lives via hospital visits, fundraising for charity, encouraging children to get active and play sport, discovering and nurturing Indigenous talent and helping to improve local facilities will not only be rewarding but something of which the group will be extremely proud.

Queensland Cricket will assist the Bulls Masters with its resources, particularly regional cricket managers, wherever possible to assist in fostering the development and awareness of the game.

To find out more about the Bulls Masters, please visit their website at www.bullsmasters.com.au