The Swing with RYAN HARRIS


Saturday 29 October 2011

By the time you read this, I will be airborne on the way to South Africa and possibly driving the stewards crazy.

It is a 14-hour flight and I have got a serious goal for most of that time keep moving.

Sure I will probably look to get a bit of sleep at some stage after a 3.30am departure from home to catch the 6am flight, but I can't afford to sit around idle for hour after hour.

I know that I'm probably going to stiffen up in the back, legs and hips, especially after playing and bowling a few overs this week for the Bulls against Tassie.

That means walking up and down the aisles and navigating the various trolleys that the stewards and stewardesses will be pushing for much of the trip.

At least it will keep me alert!

I tend not to be the most recognisable person and don't attract too much attention, particularly if I'm travelling by myself, so I only occasionally get grabbed by another passenger wanting to have a chat about cricket.

We are lucky enough to travel business class when we are on Australian duty, so there are plenty of movies to watch and games to play and that sort of stuff.

I think I'm by myself for the trip though. Two or three of the guys went on Thursday and I believe Michael Beer is going today, but through Perth.

I'm obviously looking forward to playing for Australia again although I will miss my Bulls teammates because I really do enjoy playing alongside them and there is a great feeling in the camp at the moment.

I've been to South Africa once before, for my first year in the Indian Premier League with the Deccan Chargers and we actually won the comp with Boof Lehmann as coach.

I found it to be a good place, a really nice place and was rapt to have the opportunity to travel around a fair bit and get a real feel for it.

We were at the end of the South African summer when I went over for the IPL and the wickets were a bit tired, whereas this time around they will be nice and fresh.

South Africa's attack led by Dale Steyn now doubt will relish some lively tracks but if that is the case, so will yours truly and the rest of the Aussie boys.

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