THE SWING with Ryan Harris

Australian fast bowler Ryan Harris has taken the international cricket world by storm over the past three years, dominating in all three forms of the game. Harris has been an enormously popular member of the XXXX GOLD Bulls line-up since moving north four seasons ago and remains very much a regular bloke. He gives us insights into everything cricket through his weekly Saturday column with The Sunshine Coast Daily. Courtesy of the Daily, his columns are reproduced here.  
Rise For The Ashes (23 March 2013)  
Mystery Of India (16 March 2013) 
No Harm To Ashes (9 March 2013)
Four Memorable Deliveries (2 March 2013)
Feeling The Pinch (23 February 2013)
The Will To Play (16 February 2013)
Survival Test For Aussies (9 February 2013)
Batsmen Must Be Backed (2 February 2013)
Windies Won't Be Easy (26 January 2013)
Touring Can Sap Or Bind (19 January 2013)
Sri Lanka Will Test Us (12 January 2013)
Predicting The Future (5 January 2013)
Good Signs For Our Teams (29 December 2012)
Don't Knock The Aussies (22 December 2012)
Tough In A Cracker (15 December 2012)
Heat Up Quickly (8 December 2012)
Exhaustion Takes Toll (1 December 2012)
Depth Is Critical (24 November 2012)
Support For Hilfy (17 November 2012)
Behind The Test (10 November 2012) 
A Tale Of Two Keepers (3 November 2012)
Anniversary Of A Dark Day (27 October 2012)
Huss Is Gold For Us (20 October 2012)
Don't Hurt The States (13 October 2012)
Monsters At The Gabba (6 October 2012)
Science Says To Rotate (29 September 2012)
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