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There is no specific standard for cricket floodlighting, either for play or practice, established within either Cricket Australia or the Australian Standards Association.

Queensland Cricket is very aware of this matter and in recent times have engaged the services of a firm of professional engineers who have conducted a series of investigations and enquiries, and part of their report to us contains the following points:

Floodlighting illuminance levels for most sports depend on the following factors:-

  • Safety and comfort of participants, officials and spectators.
  • The size, speed and contrast of the ball.
  • The level of competition to be played (and trained for) under floodlit conditions.

There is an Australian Standard AS2560 that lists a number of sports that have similarities to cricket in regard to ball size and speed. These include:

  • AS2560.2.6 Baseball and Softball
  • AS2560.2.7 Outdoor Hockey

From this study, and in conjunction with further testing, Queensland Cricket is developing a set of recommendations relating to floodlighting for all levels of training and playing cricket.

At the same time Queensland Cricket has made representations to JLT Sport, who are the brokers and Risk Management advisors for the National Club Insurance Scheme to seek the Liability underwriters view on this aspect of their risk. We have provided a specific example of a ground in Brisbane, and explained that the existing lights have been in place for some 6 years and that at no time since has any incident arisen which could be attributed to a problem with the light levels. We have elaborated on the actual circumstances relating to the use of the ground by cricket, under lights, and we have provided them with a complete update on the process that Queensland Cricket is presently following to eventually establish a lighting standard in Australia. We can advise that the insurers are generally happy with the circumstances presently in existence for cricket at that ground, and it follows that so long as the existing level of risk management continues at that ground, and any other ground (which includes the replacement of extinguished light bulbs when necessary) then the insurance policies presently in place would respond positively to any claim that may arise.

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