Building Active Communities


 Conducted by Sport and Recreation Queensland


This Conference held in Brisbane on 4th November 2005 addressed a number of key issues of practical interest to administrators of sport in Queensland.

Topics covered were:

  • What will Sporting Organisations look like in 10 years time?
  • Planning beyond 2006
  • Avoiding burn out and drop out
  • Managing the risks of your enviroment
  • Promoting your organisation to attract and retain members
  • Mentoring programs for coaches and officials
  • Understanding and implementing facility access options
  • Improving your organisation's financial position
  • Technology as a development tool
  • The process and implications of incorporating your organisation
  • Creating a safe enviroment for children and obligations under Queensland's child protection legislation
  • Child protection and modern technology
  • Helping Volunteers meet the demands of a changing environment
  • Partnerships in your community
  • Improving and maintaining your facility
  • Game sense - a practical approach to coaching
  • Developing accreditation systems
  • Governance and management tools for your organisation
  • Developing participation pathways.

Papers on all these topics are available from the SRQ website. Click here


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