Queensland Youth History
STATE UNDER 18 GIRLS (ex-Under 17)


Year Captain  Team   Officials   Summary 
2012-13 Haidee Birkett Alice Smith, Siena Johnson, Nicole Geddes, Lauren Hume, Tess Cooper, Casey Ryan, Haidee Birkett, Abigail Godfrey, Caitlin Collins, Emily Bates, Carly Cooper, Lexie Muller. Coach: Peter Blanchfield Queensland finished third in Ballarat after beating the ACT in a playoff game. No Queenslanders featured in the leading runscorers but Abigail Godfrey (10 wickets at 19.10) and Casey Ryan (9 at 13.78) were Nos.8 & 9 among the top bowlers. No Queenslanders were selected in the team of the championships.
2011-12 Grace Harris

Grace Harris (Western Suburbs), Jemma Barsby (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Haidee Burkett (Charters Towers), Holly Ferling (Kingaroy), Nicole Geddes (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Tamika Hansen (Rockhampton), Lauren Hume (Nanango), Grace McKellar (Western Suburbs), Beth Mooney (Hervey Bay), Allison Nagle (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Casey Ryan (Western Suburbs), Jordan Walker (Beenleigh/Logan).

Coach: Peter Blanchfield

NSW, Victoria and Queensland finished with five wins from six games, but the latter was relegated from the final due to Victoria accruing a bonus point in their final round against SA. Qldt finished hird at the titles in Ballarat, beating ACT in the playoff game. Jemma Barsby won the Betty Wilson Trophy for player of the championships and joined Beth Mooney in the Team of the Championships. Barsby was one of only two players to exceed 250 runs at the championships and collected 12 wickets at 10.8, including a best of 6-31. She also made a Queensland record score of 153 on Day 2 against Tasmania. Mooney made 167 runs during the qualifying rounds and was clean behind the stumps.

2010-11 Grace Harris Emily Bates (Souths), Tess Dowling (Rockhampton), Holly Ferling (Kingaroy), Kila Frank (PNG), Grace Harris (Wests), Lizzy Hayes (Wynnum-Manly), Lauren Hume (Nanango), Grace McKellar (Wests), Allison Nagle (Albany Creek), Tanya Ruma (PNG), Casey Ryan (Wests), Jordan Walker (Beenleigh/Logan).

Coach: Peter Blanchfield

A/Coach: Sarah Harris

Manager: Melanie Knack

The age group was raised from Under 17 to Under 18 for the 2010-11 Championships, which were played in Adelaide. Grace Harris was the only Queenslander named in the Team of the Championships after her State finished fifth. NSW beat SA in the final.
2009-10 Kaitlyn Rackemann

Kaitlyn Rackeman (Uni - captain), Bethany Mooney (Hervey Bay - v/captain), Jemma Barsby (SR), Taylah Brotherston (SR), Taylor Fox (Fassifern), Emily Giles (Monto), Grace Harris (W), Rebecca Hollindale (Bundaberg), Jessica Jonassen (Rockhampton), Kate McCarthy (SR, Hayley Pattison (SR), Samantha Taylor (Gladstone), Rachel Withoos (Tannum Sands).

Coach: Andy Richards.

A/Coach: Heidi Thompson.

Manager: Sue Stimpson.

The Fire foursome of Hayley Pattison, Jess Jonassen, Beth Mooney and Bec Hollindale were named in the Australian U18 Development squad and Pattison and Jonassen the honorary All-Australian Championships side after Queensland went through the qualifying section of the carnival in Brisbane undefeated before losing the final to NSW. 
2008-09 Kate McCarthy

Hannah Clarke (Charters Towers), Shaye Easton (Dalby - vice-captain), Chelsea Hetherington (B/Logan), Samantha Holcombe (Wests), Rebecca Hollindale (Bundaberg), Tyla Maher (Sunshine Coast), Kate McCarthy (S/Redcliffe -captain), Beth Mooney (Hervey Bay), Hayley Pattison (W-Manly), Kaitlyn Rackemann (S/Redcliffe), Clare Taylor (S/Redcliffe), Rachel Withoos (Tannum Sands). 

Coach: Andy Richards

Manager: Sue Stimpson

Queensland were beaten by NSW and Victoria during the qualifying rounds before beating South Australia to clinch third place. Rebecca Hollindale was outstanding, compiling 82 in the playoff game and finishing as the tournament's leading runscorer with 251 runs at 50.20.
2007-08 Selena Tainton

Hannah Clarke, Nicole Curtis, Shaye Easton, Elise Hackett, Kathryn Jenkin, Daryl Jensen, Jessica Jonassen (Vice Captain), Elizabeth Kippen, Rochelle Milne, Hayley Pattison, Selena Tainton (Captain), Clare Taylor. 

Coach: Barry Weare.

Manager: Sue Stimpson

2006-07 Selena Tainton Selena Tainton (Wests - captain), Jo-Ann Verrall (Wests - vc), Nicole Curtis (Wide Bay), Taija Davis (Wynnum), Stephanie Egan (Ayr), Elise Hackett (Gladstone), Katheryn Jenkins (Beenleigh/Logan), Jessica Jonassen (Rockhampton), Laura Kingsley (Wests), Elizabeth Kippen (Redlands), Melissa Mayers (Beenleigh/Logan), Rochelle Milne (Dalby).

Coach: Barry Weare

Manager: Sue Stimpson

Fourteen-year-old Rockhampton off-spinner Jessica Jonassen headed three Queenslanders chosen in the Australian U17 honor team following the national championships in Canberra. Jonassen was joined by Fassiforn batting all-rounder Jo Verrall, now playing with Wests, and Rockhampton off-spinner Elise Hackett, who had to survive a late fitness test just to take her place in the Konica Minolta Queensland side following shoulder surgery. Queensland, in line for a top two finish early in the carnival, had to be content with 4th spot overall after losing the play-off for 3rd by two runs.

2005-06  Stephanie

Stephanie Baldwin (Norths-Townsville), Shaye Easton (Dalby), Lesley Frampton (Western Suburbs), Elise Hackett (The Glen-Gladstone), Delissa Kimmince (Beenleigh/Logan), Melissa Mayers (Beenleigh/Logan), Rochelle Milne (Dalby), Alice Nicklin (Wynnum-Manly), Nicole Quinn (Wynnum-Manly), Selena Tainton (Western Suburbs), Jo-Ann Verrall (Western Suburbs), Fran Whittaker (Wynnum-Manly).

Coach: Cameron Garnham.
Manager: Heather Williamson.
2004-05  Lauren

Lisa Badgery (North Mackay), Stephanie Baldwin (Norths-Townsville), Lesley Frampton (Western Suburbs), Elise Hackett (The Glen-Gladstone), Delissa Kimmince (Warwick), Lauren McQueen (Warwick), Melissa Mayers (Beenleigh/Logan), Calista Moffatt (North-Rockhampton), Casey Reibelt (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Selena Tainton (Western Suburbs), Jo-Ann Verrall (Western Suburbs), Fran Whittaker (Wynnum-Manly).

Coach: Steven Baker
2003-04 Melissa Lewis Lisa Badgery (North Mackay), Sarah Harris (Rockhampton), Cara Heath (Mackay), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Laura Kidd (Western Suburbs), Delissa Kimmince (Warwick), Rebecca McCoombes (Western Suburbs), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Laura Harris (Wynnum-Manly), Jill Raleigh (Mission Beach), Casey Reibelt (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jessica Rowlands (Norths-Townsville).

Coach: Steven Baker Manager: Heidi Thompson

2002-03 Jessica Rowlands Laura Bates (Townsville), Sarah Harris (Rockhampton), Amber Hill (Rockhampton), Courtney Hill (Monto), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Lauren Jackson (Wynnum-Manly), Delissa Kimmince (Warwick), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan) (Vice Captain), Lyndal Pohlmann (Warwick), Jessica Rowlands (Norths-Townsville), Kimberley Watts (Beenleigh/Logan), Ashlee Wooldridge (Beenleigh/Logan)  

Coach: Andrew Selff
Manager: Heidi Thompson

2001-02 Danielle Hollis Angela Christie (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Brit Easton (St. George), Laura Bates (Townsville), Courtney Hill (Rockhampton), Danielle Hollis (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Catherine MacRae (Dalby), Lyndal Pohlmann (Warwick) , Rikki-Lee Rimmington (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jessica Rowlands (Norths- Townsville), Kimberley Watts (Beenleigh/Logan)(Vice Captain).

Coach: Joanne Broadbent.
Manager: Loretta Moore


2000-01 Angela Christie

Angela Christie (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Rikki-Lee Rimmington (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Laura Bates (Townsville), Caitlin Davies (Valleys), Britt Easton (Dalby), Melanie Gramenz, Amber Hill (Rockhampton), Courtney Hill (Rockhampton), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Belinda Ruhle (Sunshine Coast), Abigail Vaughan (Dalby) and Kimberley Watts (Beenleigh/Logan).

Coach: Trevor Croner Manager: Loretta Moore

 1999-00   Laura Bates (Townsville), Reanna Brown (Longreach), Angela Christie (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Danielle Ford (Townsville), Melanie Gramenz, Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Danielle Hollis (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Denise Lemon (Western Suburbs), Kasee Marxsen ( Gladstone), Kirsten Pike (Sunshine Coast), Rikki-Lee Rimmington (Sandgate-Redcliffe) and Belinda Ruhle (Sunshine Coast).

Coach: Glenys Thatcher Manager: Katherine Raymont


 Queensland Cricket History




Year Captain Team Officials Summary
2008-09 - The Australian U19 championships were cancelled after only NSW, Victoria and ACT nominated teams. Other states including Queensland preferred to direct their financial resources to the CA Cup 2nd XI competition, which was effectively the same group of players that would have formed the nucleus of the U19 side.
2007-08 Selena Tainton Stephanie Baldwin, Taija Davis, Stephanie Egan, Lesley Frampton, Emma Gurr, Jessica Jonassen, Delissa Kimmince, Lisa Marsh, Melissa Mayers, Nicole Quinn, Selina Tainton (Captain), Jo-Ann Verrall (Vice Captain), Fran Whittaker.  

Coach: Cameron Garnham
Manager: Karen Topp

2006-07 Stephanie Baldwin Stephanie Baldwin (Townsville-captain), Natalia Banks (Norths), Delissa Kimmince (Beenleigh-Logan-vc), Meg Lyons ( Wynnum-Manly), Lisa Marsh (Norths), Calista Moffat (Rockhampton), Alice Nicklin (Wynnum-Manly), Nicole Quinn (Wynnum-Manly), Casey Riebelt (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Alisha Smith (Norths), Selena Tainton (Wests), Jo-Ann Verrall (Wests), Fran Whittaker (Beenleigh/Logan)

Coach: Brendan Wild

Manager: Sue Fleming

Queensland Fire ace Delissa Kimmince was the sole Queenslander chosen in the Australian U19 honor side following the national championships in Hobart, where the Queensland side finished 4th.

2005-06 Melissa Lewis

Natalia Banks (Wynnum-Manly), Sarah Harris (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Jessica Kenneally (Western Suburbs), Laura Kidd (Wynnum-Manly), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Lauren McQueen (Beenleigh/Logan), Casey Reibelt (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Sara Rogers (Beenleigh/Logan), Jessica Rowlands (Western Suburbs), Kirby Short (Western Suburbs), Zoe Springate (Wynnum-Manly).

Coach: Brendan Wild
2004-05 Jessica Rowlands

Laura Bates (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Sarah Harris (Rockhampton), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Lauren Jackson, Laura Kidd (Wynnum-Manly), Delissa Kimmence (Warwick), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Rebecca McCoombes (Western Suburbs), Lyndal Pohlman (Warwick), Casey Reibelt (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jessica Rowlands (Norths-Townsville), Kirby Short (Western Suburbs), Ashlee Wooldridge (Beenleigh/Logan).

Coach: Andrew Selff
2003-04 Danielle Hollis

Laura Bates (Townsville), Angela Christie (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Sarah Harris (Rockhampton), Lacey Hinze (Beenleigh/Logan), Lauren Jackson (Wynnum-Manly), Catherine MacRae (Dalby), Kasee Marxsen (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Kirsten Pike (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Lyndal Pohlman (Dalby), Rikki-Lee Rimmington (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jessica Rowlands (Norths-Townsville), Ashlee Wooldridge (Beenleigh/Logan)

Coach: Andrew Selff 
Manager: Loretta Moore
2002-03 Belinda Matheson Laura Bates (Townsville), Reanna Browne (Wynnum-Manly), Angela Christie (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Danielle Hollis (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Catherine Macrae (Dalby), Kasee Marxsen (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Belinda Matheson (Beenleigh/Logan), Kirsten Pike (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jodie Purves (Western Suburbs), Leteysha Randall (Beenleigh/Logan), Rikki-Lee Rimmington (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Ashlee Wooldridge (Beenleigh/Logan) Coach: Joanne Broadbent
Manager: Loretta Moore
2001-02 Reanna Browne (Valleys), Vicki Fitzgerald (Valleys), Melissa Lewis (Beenleigh/Logan), Belinda Matheson (Beenleigh-Logan), Kerryn Matthews (Sunshine Coast), Kasee Marxsen (Gladstone), Angela Murnane (Beenleigh/Logan), Catherine McRae (Dalby), Kirsten Pike (Sandgate-Redcliffe), Jodie Purves (Western Suburbs), Leteysha Randall (Biggaden), Belinda Ruhle (Sunshine Coast), Janesse Valantine (Rockhampton)

Coach: Joanne Broadbent
Manager: Loretta Moore

2000-01 Reanna Browne (Longreach), Dominique Costello (Valleys), Vicki Fitzgerald (Valleys), Danielle Hollis (Sandgate/Redcliffe), Kasee Marxsen (Gladstone), Belinda Matheson (Western Suburbs), Kerryn Matthews (Sandgate/Redcliffe), Angela Murnane (Western Suburbs), Kirsten Pike (Sunshine Coast), Jodie Purves (Norths, Toowoomba), Leteysha Randall (Biggenden), Eleanora Sponza (Western Suburbs) and Catherine Macrae (Dalby). Coach: Glenys Thatcher Manager: Katherine Raymont
1999-2000 Leonie Shields (Western Suburbs), Catherine Macrae (Dalby), Belinda Matheson (Western Suburbs), Kerryn Matthews (Sunshine Coast), Angela Murnane (Western Suburbs), Therese O'Connor (Western Suburbs),  Jodie Purves (Norths, Toowoomba), Leteysha Randall (Biggenden), Christine Ryan (Sandgate/Redcliffe), Eileen Short (Charleville), Eleanora Sponza (Western Suburbs), Heidi Thompson (Wynnum-Manly) and Jenesse Valentine (Frenchville).

Coach: Glenys Thatcher Manager: Katherine Raymont