Umpiring & Scoring

SA v QLD - Sheffield Shield: Day 2


Cricket has a long standing history, which has been documented thanks to the hard work and dedication of scorers.

Scorers form a unique relationship with the opposition scorer and the umpires to manage the game. This involves the recording of all batting, bowling, sundries and statistics to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Queensland Cricket combines with the Queensland Cricket Scorer’s Association to train and develop scorers. Scorers that show potential have the opportunity to advance to the elite pathway system and score at matches including the KFC Challenge, State Country Championships, Australian Country Championships, Queensland 2nd XI, Queensland Fire, BBL, Matador Cup, Sheffield Shield and Test matches.

The Queensland Cricket Scorer’s Association membership is free and Queensland Cricket is currently looking for scorers at all levels throughout the state. If you are interested in becoming a scorer, please fill out the contact form below.

Would you like to be a scorer and be part of a club? Email Rob Dunbar at


Ever wanted to be part of a cricket club……then scoring might be for YOU!

The Queensland Scorers Association would like to invite all interested NEW scorers to a training and education session on “how to score”. Participants will learn the basics to equip them for a match. Following on (if interested) attendees can be mentored during a match.

Wynnum Manly Scorers Training Session

Wednesday 26th November

Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club

Boundary St, Tingalpa

Meet: Cricket Club House (6.30pm- 8.00pm)

Queensland Cricket Scorers Training Session

Wednesday 3rd December

Queensland Cricket Association

1 Greg Chappell St, Albion

Ian Healy Room (6.30pm- 8.00pm)

Light refreshments will be served on the night. Anyone interested please RSVP to Ted Williams at with their preferred session.


Umpires play an important role in all levels of cricket and without them, well it wouldn’t be cricket.

Umpires are an impartial figure who is responsible for upholding the laws of cricket. There have been countless matches documented in history where critical decisions made by umpires have ultimately decided the outcome of the match.  As such, the training of umpires is crucial to the success of our beloved game.

Queensland Cricket is responsible for fostering the development of all umpires across the state from grass roots level, as well as providing a career path to state and international level. Queensland Cricket is currently looking for umpires at all levels throughout the state.

If you want to get paid to have the best seat in the house, register your interest below.

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