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National Cricket Campus

Planning is currently underway to build the world's best cricket training facility in Brisbane

The Campus will be Australian Crickets home of world-best integrated outdoor and indoor training and playing facilities accessible year-round that allow preparation in a variety of conditions. It will capture the evolution of player development through the following elements:

  • Train more like you play
  • Increase match-like decisions in training environment to establish tactical awareness
  • Integrated learning and skill development in context (physical, mental and tactical)
  • Increase match opportunities at the right level to stretch the best players

The Campus is planned to capitalise on the previous investment made in the Bupa National Cricket Centre by further investing in the Allan Border Field (ABF) Precinct and in a new community facility at Shaw Road. The Campus will represent the combination of these parts into a fully integrated world class indoor and outdoor cricket facility for use by the local community and beyond for 365 days of the year.

  • World-best outdoor & indoor cricket facilities
  • Accessible 365 days
  • Create a variety of playing and training conditions
  • A model for the future with strong links and access to community cricket

As a part of this, Stage A&B (Shaw Road) will contribute to this as a significant community asset that aligns facilities with The Australian Cricket Pathway. The project will also directly contribute to the development of cricketers of all levels. At the junior level enabling expansion in both boys and girl’s participation in community club competitions and at senior level will also be compatible as a shared training venue for local community.

The $18 million project is fully-funded and has included contributions from Queensland Cricket, Cricket Australia, Federal and State Governments, as well as the Brisbane City Council. 

Maps and conceptual impressions of the Campus can be viewed here

Northern Suburbs Development (Stages A and B)

The development of facilities at Shaw Road will create a link to Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket’s high-performance hub in Albion, providing a venue for State, National and Youth Championships, and a training facility for elite and community cricket teams.   

It is expected the development of Northern Suburbs will provide access to an additional 20 junior and female teams on top of the 40 teams that currently use the existing facility.   

Developments will include:  

  • 16 turf practice nets and wickets. 
  • Construction of a state-of-the-art cricket pavilion catering for male and female players. 
  • Lighting to the Shaw Road main oval and training areas. 
  • Increased car parking. 
  • Extension of current wicket blocks to allow for increased usage. 

Allan Border Field Precinct (Stage C)

The centrepiece of the National Cricket Campus, Allan Border Field precinct upgrades will include: 

  • Five new international wickets, including a subcontinent preparation pitch.
  • An extended Allan Border Field boundary size.
  • Terrace seating and a new electronic scoreboard.
  • New lighting for training areas.
  • A new amenity building to include change rooms, ground manager’s office and high-performance offices.
  • Improved drainage and turf facility management to allow for 365-day-a-year field usage. 

National Cricket Campus Updates

Queensland Cricket will provide regular updates on the development of the Campus, which can be read below.