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Annual Reports

The Annual Report is a key document for Queensland Cricket. It is posted in advance of the September Annual General Meeting each year.

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The report a list of office bearers and committees, executive reports, a season snapshot, sponsors, a summary of QC awards, scorecards for all international matches at the Gabba, scorecards and statistics, a full list of all-time Queensland records and statistics, and the directors report and financial statement. The annual report is available on-line below. 

2018-19 Annual Report

2018-19 Scorecards 

2017-18 Annual Report

2017-18 Scorecards

2016-17 Annual Report

2015-16 Annual Report cover

2015-16 QC Annual Report pages

2014-15 Annual Report Cover

2014-15 QC Annual Report pages

2013-14 QC Annual Report

2012-13 QC Annual Report Cover

2012-13 QC Annual Report

2011-12 QC Annual_Report