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COVID-19 Return to Play

State Government Roadmap to Easing Restrictions – Community Sport 

Current State Government Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions is at STAGE 3, effective from 12noon Friday 3 July 2020.

This stage expands the restrictions on community sport from Stage 2. The six principles guiding the Stage 3 Return to Play are: 

  • Facility usage - All elements of community sport, recreation and fitness facilities to be accessible in line with relevant health guidelines and directives. Including revenue generation activities (i.e. canteens) to resume and use of all facilities required for training and competition (change rooms). 
  • Facility capacity - The total number of people to attend training, competition and events is to be based on the social distancing standard of one person per four-square metres. Group segmentation and buffer zones will be used to limit co-mingling. Risks will also be managed through mandatory record keeping, which could include the use of technology (e.g. movement tracking apps, ticket purchasing)
  • Contact - Full contact is permitted on the Field of Play similar to pre-COVID contact activities. At all other times, participants, coaches, officials, trainers and spectators are to observe social distancing requirements and undertake sound hygiene practices (i.e. sanitations) as detailed in the relevant approved Industry COVID Safe Plan. 
  • Events - Activities are to resume including championships, markets, carnivals and gala days. The total number of people allowed to attend an event will be based on the social distancing standard of one person per four-square metres. Whole of Government event principles are to be applied in addition to measures to reduce co-mingling between groups. 
  • Stadia - Crowds to return to stadia with strict social distancing measures and hygiene practices remaining central to COVID Safe Plans for stadia, in line with Public Health Directives. Crowd capacity will be limited and based on the social distancing standard of one person per four-square metres. Group segmentation and buffering measures will be used to reduce co-mingling. 
  • Industry COVID Safe Plans - All activity is to be conducted in accordance with relevant Industry and Stadia COVID Safe Plans and Public Health Directives. This includes organisations detailing how all persons at the activity/facility will be tracked, and traced, including spectators

Industry COVID Safe Plans 

Industry COVID Safe Plans for sport, recreation and fitness have been implemented to cover all operations across the Sports industry in Queensland. These plans are designed to provide flexibility on restrictions for all clubs and organisations within each sports sector, including, where appropriate, allowing more participants and spectators than specified in the roadmap. Queensland Cricket advocated and provided input on behalf of cricket through in developing the Industry Covid Safe Plan for Field Sports.  

The approved Industry COVID Safe Plan for Field Sports provides a checklist and guidance material including on health and hygiene, facility management and physical distancing measures and has been updated to reflect Stage 3 easing of restrictions. 

Cricket clubs / associations please take particular note of the checklist (commencing p36) that will help to ensure Covid Safe requirements are met for Return to Play. 

Clubs and Associations should also access and complete the COVID-Safe Checklist for dining at Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, RSL clubs and Hotels in order to safely reopen canteens and bars at cricket venues.







Return to Training and Playing Cricket After Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions in Queensland

Queensland Cricket (QC) endorses and has adopted Cricket Australia’s principles, guidelines and resources relating to Return to Training and Playing after easing of COVID-19 Restrictions.


Cricket Australia has launched a Return to Cricket site. A place where clubs and indoor centres can access a range of signage and cleaning products to help them keep people safe and healthy whilst playing cricket.


QC-affiliated clubs, associations and zones now have QC return to play permission, dependent on full adoption of, and adherence to, the Industry Covid Safe Plan for Field Sports, and Cricket Australia’s guidelines and resources relating to Return to Training and Playing after easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


‘6S’ Simple Approach to Safe Return to Play (Cricket Organisations)



  • Organisation officially adopt:
    • Industry COVID Safe Plan for Field Team Sports
    • Cricket Australia’s COVID 19 Return to Playing guidelines and resources
  • Appoint COVID Safety Coordinator(s), and complete any required COVID Safe Training
  • Ensure all team members and officials ‘sign up’ to, and understand their COVID Safe responsibilities
  • Ask teams and officials to download and ‘sign up’ to the COVIDSAFE App


  • Consult with your venue owner – usually local Council – to receive owner’s consent to return to play 
  • Complete and display CovidSafe statement of compliance 
  • Ensure safe, separated/distanced, time-minimised attendance, entry to and exit from venue for all attendees
  • Employ ‘get in, play, get out’ principles, to minimise player / game ‘crossover’
  • Check number of attendees allowed at venue – prioritise players, scorers, umpires, COVID Safety Coordinators
  • Feeling sick? Don’t attend! 


  • All attendees (players, coaches, scorers, umpires) MUST register attendance, via MyCricket or on paper


  • Employ recommended hygiene practices (hand and equipment sanitising / no use of saliva or sweat to shine ball)
  • Ensure hand sanitiser is available to all attendees
  • Feeling sick? Don’t attend! 


  • Minimise physical contact. No unnecessary contact.
  • Maintain 1.5 metre social distancing wherever possible 
  • Prevent intermingling of playing groups


  • Don’t share equipment
  • Don’t share food or drinks
  • Don’t share transport to/from the game
  • Don’t share your germs. Feeling sick? Don’t attend! 

State Government Assistance

To help support as many Queensland sport and recreation clubs as possible, Sport and Recreation is extending the deadline to apply for the COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart program to 5pm, 30 June 2020. 

Clubs can receive $2,000 for equipment, training and operational costs including expenses related to utilities, ground and facility maintenance, safety and sanitation. 

If your club has not yet considered this funding opportunity, you now have more time to apply.  The application process has been simplified and it has never been easier to access funding. 

For those clubs that have not been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic you are still encouraged and welcome to apply. 

For more information or to apply for funding, please visit You may also wish to contact your local Sport and Recreation regional office.



Changeover Principles for Shared Facilities

QC has adopted Cricket Australia’s high-level principles relating to shared cricket facility changeovers with AFL in Victoria. 

QC encourages our affiliate clubs and associations to consider these principles when entering discussions or negotiations with winter code tenant partners to determine equitable access to grounds when a return to community sport is permitted, after relevant COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Please note that the document linked below contains high-level principles only. These are not hard and fast rules, and are designed only to guide local negotiations between tenants sharing facilities and changing over winter/summer use in 2020 and in some cases summer/winter changeover in 2021, under the unusual circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. To be clear, local agreements and existing agreements between tenants sharing facilities, or localised agreements enforced or negotiated with or without local Council involvement, will take precedence over adherence to these high-level principles. 



Cricket Australia Insurance Cover

Affiliated cricket organisations in Queensland are covered by existing insurance, through an arrangement with Cricket Australia. Participants will be covered under the Personal Accident policy, and clubs / associations under the Public Liability and Club Management Liability policies that make up the National Club Risk Protection Program. Cover under these policies remains under their current terms, conditions and exclusions. For more information CLICK HERE.


For further information, advice or assistance on Return to Play issues, contact Paul Leven, State Infrastructure Manager on 0417 610 683