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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Assistance

Please refer to our Return to Training / Playing page for the latest information and resources relating to cricket and COVID-19.

Queensland Cricket has consolidated the table below of guidance, support and resources being offered for COVID-19 scenarios. Our Community Cricket staff are available to answer any queries and support you through this time

 Area Overview Potential Scenario   Resource Contacts and Links
Club Management Building club resilience and making the most of forced downtime. Various scenarios due to COVID-19

CPR Group - Club Crisis webinar series

Competition Management

Working with Local Competitions and Council to assist competition management matters. Winter code season extensions

 Local Cricket Officers

QC Community Cricket staff

Budget template based on the organisation's most recent audited financials. This is a tool to help organisations forward plan their finances.
Projected loss of revenue due to things like:
- Player registrations
-Sponsorship loss

CPR Group - Sports Club Fee Calculator
0421 6333 321

Finance Four step process of understanding revenue shortfalls, budgeting, expenditure and preventative measures that should be put in place to protect your club’s short and long term future.
Projected loss of revenue due to things like:
- Player registrations
- Sponsorship loss

Active Queensland Industry Alliance Webinars

Fundraising opportunities to offset COVID-19 impacts.
- Loss in revenue
- Need for equipment

Australian Sports Foundation

IT and Systems
Access to Microsoft teams (online training provided) to set up online meetings and phone conferences.
Social distancing

Microsoft Teams

Legal Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance can assist eligible organisations to receive a free initial consultation with a legal team that specialises in the fitness, sport and active recreation sectors. 

Eligible Clubs and organisations can access a free confidential consultation with a qualified legal adviser to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on your organisation. Know where you stand on the issues that matter to your organisation and gain clarity moving forward.
Legal advice needed due to various scenarios

Active Queensland Industry Alliance consults


“The Associations Incorporation Act 1981 requires an association’s annual general meeting (AGM) to be held within 6 months of the end of their financial year. There is an existing provision in the Act (s. 121) that allows the chief executive to grant an extension to an association for holding its AGM.

Normal practice is that an individual association must apply to OFT, outlining the special circumstances as to why the extension should be granted. However, in the current circumstances, a grace period of a further 6 months to hold your AGM is allowed, if required, without the need for you to make a written application.

In effect, this may result in a management committee’s term being longer than is described in the rules, but, given the current circumstances, hopefully members will be accepting of this.”

Social distancing

Office of Fair Trading

Queries - Office of Fair Trading:
(07) 3738-8700.