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Donation Guidelines

Queensland Cricket  recognises the importance of our local community and specific charities and individuals within it. We develop and support programs in an effort to engage, interact and ultimately become a major contributor and positive part of the community itself. Being “Australia’s favourite sport” provides us with a remarkable responsibility and opportunity to build on the rich history and contribution of the many clubs, associations and individuals who have gone before us. We hope to continue the proud traditions and values that exist in our great game across South East Queensland.

Community Request Guidelines

Queensland Cricket receives hundreds of requests each year to support very worthy charities, events, communities and causes. The requests are wide and varied and unfortunately the Queensland Cricket cannot assist every person or group with their request. Queensland Cricket does not contribute financial assistance or cash donations. With this in mind, please read the following guidelines:

Selection and Preference Criteria

Preferential but not guaranteed support will be given to the following causes:

  • Queensland Cricket Clubs
  • Community and/or charity groups
  • Schools with specific events

Queensland Cricket receives many requests from individuals for either themselves or on behalf of friends and family who are experiencing difficult life circumstances or life tragedies. Whilst our organization is sympathetic to each situation and we endeavour to support as many requests as possible, the success or otherwise of any request is at Queensland Cricket's discretion and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please note that most individual requests are unable to be fulfilled.


Queensland Cricket are unable to accept any merchandise sent in for signing. We accept no responsibility for such items and they will be returned unsigned. Players are happy to sign autographs when approached in person at team appearances and after matches. 

Player and Donation Requests

All requests for donations of memorabilia, merchandise and player appearances must be submitted via our ONLINE FORM.