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Coach Development


After completing Cricket Australia's accreditation options, continuing to upskill yourself as a coach is important to ensure your players are being exposed to the best environment possible. Ongoing learning is paramount for all coaches to stay up to date with the latest techniques and philosophies.

Queensland Cricket has appointed a Coaching & Talent Development Specialist (C&TS) in every region across the state to provide a range of coach development and support options to cricket coaches of all levels. The coach development options include:

Club Visits

Local Queensland Cricket Coaching & Talent Development Specialists are available to attend club training sessions and help upskill local community club coaches.  These sessions can cover a variety of topics, from how to run effective net sessions, setting up fun and engaging fielding activities or even some more technical skill development.  The aim of these sessions is for the Coaching & Talent Development Specialists to upskill to club coach to enable them to continue to learn and improve the quality of local coaching.  Club coaches will still run the session, with the Coaching & Talent Development Specialist assisting and providing feedback and education throughout.
Club Visits can be arranged by directly contacting your local Coaching & Talent Development Specialists or your club’s Coaching Coordinator can contact them on your behalf.

Coaching Masterclass & Workshops

There are a number of Coach Masterclass sessions scheduled in every Zone throughout Queensland. Often ACA past players are engaged to deliver content creating a fantastic learning opportunity for coaches at all levels. 
Coach Development Workshops are a more in depth session, where coaches would participate in both practical and theory discussions. Topics are annually tailored to the zones needs with duration between 90 minutes - 3 hrs. 

To register for either of these sessions, please visit Cricket Coaches Australia website, click Courses and then scroll the various couple options until you find the desired course.  Clicking on this link will take you to a listing of all available sessions in Queensland. 


For further information on above development opportunities, please contact your local Coach & Talent Development Specialist as below. 

Far North Queensland Mick Rees
 North Queensland  Tony Hampson
Mackay-Whitsundays   TBC TBC
Central Queensland  Zoe Eisenmenger
 Wide Bay  Bruce Deem
 Sunshine Coast  Jeff Thomas
 Brisbane North  TBC TBC
 BEARS  David Drew
 Metro South West  Greg Moller

 South East Queensland  Sam Ward
Gold Coast  Richard Griffiths
 Darling Downs & South West Queensland  Joel Bock