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Coaching Accreditation Courses

Queensland Cricket offers a number of coach accreditation options, all of which can be accessed through the Cricket Coaches Australia website.

Introduction to Coaching

These modules have been developed to assist junior cricket (Stages 1, 2 and 3) and community coaches by outlining important information for all new coaches and include strategies and resources that will help to create fun and engaging learning environments and one that allows all participants to enjoy the game, develop new skills, meet new friends, and have some success along the way.

Community Coaching Course

The Community Coach Course has been developed to build on the knowledge developed during the Introduction to Coaching and Junior Coach modules with particular reference to coaches creating and developing their own training sessions. During the face-to-face course coaches will have the opportunity to collaborate with others and build on the areas they would like to develop more skill or expertise in. The course is primarily hands on practical session development.

Advanced Coaching Course

The Advanced Coaching Course is designed for junior and senior coaches who are looking to develop and deeper knowledge of coaching and the game of cricket. The course will extend your understanding of the game, your professional cricket skills and importantly your inter and intra personal coaching skills.

Representative Coaching Course

The Representative Coaching Course is designed for coaches working with players or teams at a representative level or within pathway programs. The course will extend your skills as a coach, learning how to progress players to enhance their skills and reach their goals.

High Performance Coaching Course

The Cricket Australia High Performance Coaching Program is registered with the Australian Sports Commission and is Australia’s flagship coach education program.

The program is facilitated over a 12 month period including pre-residential tasks, a one week residential course and post residential tasks including a coaching diary and regular mentor sessions in the coach's state/territory.

Successful applicants are likely to be active coaches that have completed the Representative Coach Accreditation Course or its equivalent who;

  • Have significant coaching experience;
  • Coach within state or territory associations;
  • Work with athletes competing at Senior level or youth state level (male/female);
  • Grade/Premier Cricket Coaches and/or Regional Directors of Coaching

To find out more information or to register for any of the above courses, please click on the course title which will take you to the Cricket Coaches Australia website.

For any other coaching course enquiries, please contact your local Coach & Talent Development Specialist as below.

Far North Queensland Mick Rees
 North Queensland  Tony Hampson
Mackay-Whitsundays   TBC TBC
Central Queensland  Zoe Eisenmenger
 Wide Bay  Bruce Deem
 Sunshine Coast  Jeff Thomas
 Brisbane North  TBC TBC
 BEARS  David Drew
 Metro South West  Greg Moller

 South East Queensland  Sam Ward
Gold Coast  Richard Griffiths
 Darling Downs & South West Queensland  Joel Bock