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Queensland Cricket Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2028

The Queensland Cricket Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2028 (QCIS) presents a clear blueprint for cricket stakeholders and government at all levels to ensure cooperation to direct and maximise smart investment in the right cricket infrastructure for Queensland, in the right locations, at the right time.

The Strategy helps to guide investment from government sources, and from cricket’s own Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund.

The QCIS was released publicly in November 2018 and was last updated in January 2022.

Download a copy of the Queensland Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (QCIS) 2018-2028 (January 2022 update)

The QCIS was jointly funded by the Queensland State Government, Queensland Cricket and Cricket Australia.


Strategic Infrastructure Priorities 

In January 2022, Queensland Cricket launched the Strategic Infrastructure Priorities document.  The purpose of this document was to drive funding into cricket infrastructure by clearly identify those priority projects which were urgently required to support Queensland Cricket’s strategic objectives particularly in terms of growing participation.  
Identified projects were selected based on several factors including strategic importance,  level of stakeholder engagement having already been completed, degree of co-funding in place whilst still requiring further funding investment. 

Download the Strategic Infrastructure Priorities Document (January 2022)


QCIS History

A comprehensive audit of cricket facilities was completed by Queensland Cricket as part of the Cricket Australia-led National Facilities Audit project commencing in 2016.

The auditing process, examining 700 community cricket venues (1100 fields) across Queensland, created a detailed bank of data to help plan for the state’s future infrastructure needs.

To develop the QCIS, Queensland Cricket appointed InsideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning to analyse and map relevant audit data and develop the QCIS. 

QCIS project delivery history can be followed in the attached files.

Download the first project update (Sep 2017) 

Download the second project update (Feb 2018)


Premier Cricket Lighting Prospectus (2020)

In line with the QCIS 2018-2028, Queensland Cricket has launched a Premier Cricket Lighting Project Prospectus, to support investment attraction to develop high quality field and training facility lighting at key community cricket hubs in South East Queensland.

Download the Prospectus here.


Infrastructure Partners

Queensland Cricket works closely with Gabba Sporting Products as an infrastructure partner. 

Queensland-based Gabba Sporting Products is Australia's leading manufacturer of sports facility infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor sports complexes, and is now Queensland Cricket's preferred supplier of cricket complex fit outs, netting and synthetic turf pitches. 

Gabba provides top quality products that will ensure your club looks and feels like a professional outfit. We have entered a partnership with Gabba because we know that the company can be trusted to provide value for money, and the best follow up service for your infrastructure. We recommend that you contact Gabba Sporting Products to discuss your infrastructure requirements. You can call Mitch or Dustin on (07) 3394 4200.