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Grassroots Cricket Fund


Qld Cricket will be investing $400,000 into clubs and associations over 4 year to help fund initiatives to increase junior participation. This will be made up of 10 x $10,000 grants each year over the 4 years.


The objectives of the Qld Cricket Grassroots Cricket Fund is to fund community cricket club programs that will grow junior participation. This can be new programs or existing programs where it can be demonstrated funding will drive increased participation including in at least one of the following

  • Female Participation
  • Indigenous Participation
  • Multicultural Participation
  • All Abilities Participation


Submissions made to the Qld Cricket Grassroots Cricket Fund must meet the following conditions:

  • Costs incurred prior to 11 October 2021 are not considered eligible;
  • Funded projects must be completed by 31 March 2022
  • Monthly updates on funded programs are to be provided to Local Cricket Manager and acquittal document confirming funds have been spent and results on completion
  • Must be a Club / Association and registered as an incorporated association under relevant State legislation and provide proof latest return has been lodged;
  • Club / Association must be affiliated with Qld Cricket. In the case of clubs this can be directly or through local cricket association
  • Have run Woolworths Blast Programs and set up a program online for the coming season
  • If an association must be running approved Junior Formats


$10,000 is available to approved applicants. This will be funded by a payment of $7,500 (75%) in November with the balance of $2,500 paid after program has been successfully running for 3 months.


1. Grow Junior Participation. Request to include how this will connect with increasing at least of one

  • Female Participation
  • Indigenous Participation
  • Multicultural Participation
  • All Abilities Participation

2. Support junior competitions to enable growth in participation. Purposes can include

  • paying new coordinators
  • training / upskilling of junior coaches / coordinators
  • developing a strategic plan that includes a focus on increasing junior participation and at least one of the key areas mentioned under Grow Junior participation.

Items that will not be funded through the Qld Cricket Grassroots Cricket Fund includes:

  • Professional coaching, player payments or existing administrator salaries;
  • Capital building works including renovations and extensions;
  • Canteen items such as soft drink, food and alcohol;
  • Rental costs associated with the annual or seasonal hire of facilities


All cricket clubs / associations.

The following entities are not eligible for funding

  • Senior clubs that do not run junior programs (funding is for junior programs);
  • Regional boards which oversee associations;
  • Schools & Colleges, Indoor Cricket Centres and Umpire Associations.


Grant applications will be processed and awarded by 1 November 2021. Approved applicants will be required to provide updates on progress of program and acquit grant once completed.



The assessment will take 1 week from the closing date. All applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of the assessment process.

From 20 September 2021, clubs will be able to apply for funding through the Qld Cricket Grassroots Cricket Fund

Application Forms can be downloaded from the Qld Cricket website or obtained by contacting your local Cricket Manager or Gavern Lovett Phone 0437 145 326

Grant applications will be accepted up until the closing date of 19 October 2021. Completed applications and supporting documentation are to be emailed to


For further information about the Qld Cricket Grassroots Funds contact your local Cricket Manager or Gavern Lovett Phone 0437 145 326