Queensland Cricket CEO Terry Svenson said that the newly released Prospectus is directly aligned with the organisation’s overall strategy to ‘light up cricket’ at high-use community cricket facilities across the state, creating the playing and training capacity needed to support growth in junior and women’s cricket, and supporting the development of the next generation of Queensland cricket stars.

“We see an opportunity to build on the hard work of our twelve Premier Cricket Clubs in growing our game locally by ensuring we get the lights we need at these clubs’ to play more games without the need for more facilities and greenspace,” Mr Svenson said.

“The Prospectus forms a sub-strategy to the statewide Queensland Cricket Infrastructure Strategy, setting out the priority, lighting plan and cost of developing suitable lighting at each of the twelve Premier Club playing and training facilities, where that need has not been met.

“The overall cost is estimated at $9.4 million to provide the high quality lighting required to accommodate a small, hard ball moving fast.

“Queensland Cricket and Premier Cricket Clubs have already commenced work with local Councils, State and Federal Government representatives and other potential funding partners to secure funding for lighting up these grounds, and the new Prospectus will help us to do even better in this endeavour by clearly defining the project to be completed over the next five to ten years, and helping us target investment when it is available,” Mr Svenson said.

Mr Svenson said that considerable success had already been achieved by clubs in recent years, with cricket quality field lighting established at Valley District Cricket Club and Western Suburbs District Cricket Club, and plans well advanced to provide lighting at Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club and the new facility to be developed at Honey Farm Road at Meridan Plains, earmarked as the future home of the Sunshine Coast Scorchers. Plans were also well advanced for establishing field lighting at Ivor Marsden Complex at Ipswich (Ipswich Logan Hornets) and Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club’s home at Boundary Road, Tingalpa.

“Queensland Cricket and our Premier Cricket Clubs look forward to delivering on the Prospectus, in partnership with key funding partners,” Mr Svenson said.

The Queensland Cricket Premier Cricket Lighting Prospectus is available for download here