The Department of Sport & Recreation has worked with Queensland Health on the detail associated with the current restrictions for the 11 impacted South East Queensland Local Government Areas (LGAs) that came out of lockdown yesterday afternoon and provided the following:

As Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Young detailed today, the intent of the restrictions is to limit the number of people coming together, particularly those that would not usually do so, including in organised sport and active recreation.  As a result, restrictions have been placed on community sport until 4pm on 22 August 2021.

Activity is unable to occur unless all of the following conditions can be met:

  • Maximum of 10 people with no physical contact between participants;
  • participants can physically distance;
  • venue density requirements are followed;
  • participants must wear masks unless they have a valid reason not to do so;
  • sharing of equipment is to be limited wherever possible and appropriate cleaning protocols are to be implemented;
  • organisations are reminded to ensure they are using the contact tracing app
  • no structured competitions are to occur.

If your organisation is unsure that the above conditions can be met, please do not undertake any activity during this 2 week period.

For those people living in the 11 impacted LGAs, you are strongly encouraged not to leave the area as this may impact on the strong inroads made to stop the spread of the very contagious Delta strain of COVID-19. Should people need to leave the impacted area for any reason, they will be required to comply with all of the restrictions relevant to their home location including wearing of masks and physical distancing.

The restrictions on sport and active recreation activities have been determined by the Chief Health Officer as the course of action that will help keep Queenslanders safe. If
 we can follow these requirements for the next two weeks, South East Queensland will be in a very strong position to return to more structured delivery and participation.

Queensland Cricket a
dvises all clubs & associations to adhere to these recommendations and cancel/postpone any cricket that this affects. Please also keep in mind, that these restrictions are not just placed on facilities within this area, but also members who have been within the hotspot areas throughout the key period of time.

Further updates or additional clarification will be posted as they are provided.