The Queensland Thunder and Queensland Lightning men's and women's open teams have gone through the regular rounds in stye, finishing on top leading into the Finals today and tomorrow.

Indoor Cricket National Championships finals schedule for today is as follows:.

1:00pm: U22 Men Major Semi - NSW v QLD (Court 1)

1:00pm: U22 Men Minor Semi - VIC v ACT (Court 3)

2:45pm: Men's Minor Semi Final - NSW v VIC (Court 1)

2:45pm: Men's Major Semi Final - QLD v ACT (Court 3)
4:30pm: U22 Women - QLD v CA Invitational (Court 1) 
4:30pm: Taverners Shield - SA v QLD (Court 3) 

6:15pm: Women's Preliminary Final - VIC v SA (Court 1)

6:15pm: U22 Men Prelim Final - Loser of Major Semi v Winner of Minor Semi (Court 3)

8:00pm: Prelim Final - Loser of Maj Semi v Winner of Minor Semi (Court 1) 

All matches listed on court one will be a full multi-camera broadcast, streamed live to the Cricket Australia Indoor (and Cricket Australia) Facebook page and CA YouTube. All matches on court three will be a FrogBox camera streamed on CA YouTube. Fixtures and scores: