A host of Queenslanders will represent Australia later this year when the 2019 Trans-Tasman series is held against New Zealand in September.

The selections follow the successful National Indoor championships last week where Queensland excelled in winning the Open Men's and Women's finals.

There was also other recognition, with Townsville's Samantha Dixon named the International women's player of the year and former Konica Minolta Queensland Fire medium pacer and Queensland Indoor player Cindy Kross inducted into the Indoor Cricket Hall of Fame. 

Champions & Award Winners

Open Men’s
Final: QLD 78 def VIC 59
Alan Wilson Medal (Player of the Series):  Justin Perkins (VIC)
Player of the Final: Josh Dreaver (QLD)

Open Women’s
Final: QLD 123 def VIC 82
Monika Brogan Medal (Player of the Series): Meagan Dixon (QLD)
Player of the Final: Emily Cramb (QLD)

21 & Under Men’s
Final: SA Red 111 def WA 106
Player of the Series: Jarrod Munday (VIC)
Player of the Final: Ben Pye (SA)

21 & Under Women’s
Final: SA 111 def QLD 105
Player of the Series: Chloe Frick (SA)
Player of the Final: Rachel Dickinson (SA)

Lord’s Taverners Shield
Final: VIC 121 def SA 33
Player of the Series: James Rosster (QLD)
Player of the Final: Chris Anderson (VIC)

Indoor Cricket Hall of Fame Inductees: Cindy Kross, Ross Collins (VIC)
Men’s International player of the year: Justin Perkins (VIC)
Women’s International player of the year: Samantha Dixon (QLD)

Australian Squads

Australian Men’s: Lyle Teske (QLD), Justin Perkins (VIC), Rob Fitzgerald (QLD), Keiran Perkins (VIC), Mark Rice (WA), Luke Ryan (ACT), Rhys Dearness (QLD), Jarrod Armitage (VIC), Matthew Floros (ACT), Josh Dreaver (QLD), Jamie Diener (SA), Ryan Dowse (QLD). Coach: Brenton Brien (QLD) Manager: Tony Panecasio (NSW)

Australian Women’s:  Jude Coleman (QLD), Briony Polkinghorne (VIC), Nicole Martin (VIC), Liz Hall (SA), Dulane Carson (QLD), Elly Donald (VIC), Neisha IIes (SA), Addy Campion (VIC), Samantha Dixon (QLD), Allison Nagel (QLD), Rachel Baines (WA), Kylie Rattray (SA). Coach: Wendy Kemp (QLD) Manager: Maleah Harris (QLD)

21 & Under Men’s: Josh Fontana (WA), Hamish Chaoman (QLD), Jay Jhamb (VIC), Zach Schwarz (SA), Kai Hickey (WA), Dylan Faram (ACT), Cameron Bullard (SA), Tyler Hays (ACT), Kiale O’Brian (WA), Kurt Prosper (NSW), Cameron Todd (WA), Tyler Van Luin (ACT).

21 & Under Women’s:  Madeline Wright (VIC), Lauren Nicholson (WA), Amy Ridell (NSW), Zoe Griffiths (VIC), Emily Vallance (QLD), Tarlee Meaney (SA), Kirsten Davey (QLD), Alex Weeks (QLD), Paris Rafferty (VIC), Katrina Dixon (QLD), Sophie Roberts (SA), Stacy Rockliff (QLD). Coach: Cindy Kross (WA) Manager: Tommy Holt (VIC)