The Queensland Thunder (open men) have begun the tournament with four wins and one loss. Tuesday's action could be defining for the Thunder who play three games, including match-ups with the current two teams in Victoria and the ACT. 

North Queensland will be seeking big wins on Tuesday to keep in touch with the top four after starting with a 1-4 record. 

The Queensland Lightning (open women) will be looking to continue their unbeaten run on Tuesday when they face fellow heavyweights New South Wales. 

The Queensland Under 21 men's team currently sit fourth with two wins and one loss. With 1 win separating the top 6 sides, this is the tightest of all the divisions. Queensland has 2 games tomorrow and could go top with 2 solid wins.

Queensland's under 21 ladies side also remain unbeaten with three wins. They can continue their charge towards the finals on Tuesday with two more victories.

The Queensland Lord Taverners look to be in a two horse race with South Australia with three wins and one loss to sit atop the ladder. 

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