The logo will be progressively rolled out from today, with the Queensland team apparel carrying the new identifying State mark in the 2021-22 season.

The brandmark carries a nod to the formation of the original Queensland Cricket Association, bearing the date of its creation in 1876, as well as the original QCA script that appeared on the early baggy maroon playing caps.

The shield element draws from Cricket Australia’s brand identity which it took on when the national body moved from its Australia Cricket Board corporate identity to Cricket Australia in 2003.

The new QCA logo is predominantly maroon and white.

Queensland Cricket CEO Terry Svenson said the revamped logo followed widespread consultation within the Queensland Cricket community.

“We have spoken with representatives from our volunteer base, including community clubs, affiliates and associations, past and current male and female players and coaches, current and previous staff, sponsors and Directors about the direction we wished to take,’’ he said.

“Overall we were looking to land on a logo and brand mark that was true to our identity to unite and inspire our communities, while acting as a source of passion, pride and inspiration for our staff and players when carrying the logo on their kit.

"There was an overwhelming sentiment to acknowledge the many great servants of the game who have preceded us, as well as a desire to look to the future with a fresh look and feel which is why we have landed on a modern version of the Queensland Cricket Association logo.

“There are exciting times ahead for cricket in Queensland, with the Allan Border Field redevelopment as part of the National Cricket Campus project getting underway shortly, the potential of a new-look Gabba in the event of a possible 2032 Olympics, encouraging on-field success with our elite teams, and participation numbers in our clubs and schools across the State continuing to be in a very healthy space,’’ he said.

“We will be embarking on our next Strategic Plan in 2023 and so the timing felt right to position Queensland Cricket’s identity in this way as we approach the future.”