Queensland’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind and Low Vision, and Cricketers with an Intellectual Disability (ID) teams will travel to Geelong this weekend ahead of the championships starting on Monday. The squads were presented with their Queensland caps earlier this week by former state fast bowler and QC Deputy Chair Kirsten Pike. 

The 2020 NCIC marks a significant moment for inclusive cricket in Queensland, with QC to fund the travel of all players and support staff for the first time.  

Meet QLD Blind and Low Vision Star Sean Kendrick. Story via ABC News

Chief Executive Officer Terry Svenson said QC’s investment into inclusive cricket played a key role in achieving its purpose of uniting and inspiring Queensland communities through cricket.  

“Queensland Cricket has an aspiration for cricket to be our state's favourite sport, which is something we can’t achieve unless we are providing opportunities for all Queenslanders to play and enjoy our game.  

“We saw earlier this week at the presentation for the teams how much is means to represent Queensland and to receive their cap from a former player, and we are delighted we can provide players with experiences they will remember forever. 

“With QC funding travel of all teams and players to this year’s championships, we hope it will encourage more people to play our game and help us grow inclusive cricket.  

“Good luck to all players and teams. We know they will do the maroon cap proud.” 

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Each of Queensland’s squads for the NCIC includes a mix of Australian representatives and players donning state colours for the first time.  

Australian captain Matthew McCarthy will take on the role of captain / coach for QLD’s Blind and Low Vision Team, where he will line up with fellow national representative Sean Kendrick and Cory Heberley. 

Queensland ID captain Haydn Brum is another who also leads the national team and will feature alongside fellow Australian players Brendan Westlake and David Baird. 

For the first time, Queensland’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing team will be made up entirely of home grown representatives and features a raft of players aged under 16 who are considered the future of the state’s inclusive program.  

Players in the Blind and Low Vision and Deaf and Hard of Hearing squads will have extra incentives to perform well with Australian squads to be picked for tours later in the year.  

The 2020 championships also mark an important stage in pathway identification for inclusive cricket in Queensland. Last year QC conducted state-wide identification camps for all-abilities and indigenous cricketers. Two players identified at the camps will feature at next week's championships.

Results and scores from the NCIC can be followed here.

National Inclusion Cricket Championships:

Geelong - January 13-17

QLD Blind & Visually Impaired Squad
Matthew McCarthy ©
Cory Heberley
Ray Moxly
Nathan Quigg
Jack McAlister
Sean Kendrick
Jamie Hain
Mark Muscat
Jeff Usher
Ben MacFie
Timothy Connell

QLD Deaf and Hard of Hearing Squad
Nick Budden (vc)
Keziah Van Rijn
Nick Mahoney
Caleb Thorn
Bobbie Mowat
Greg Curtis
Liam Prineas
Sean Walsh
Michael Lockrey
Simon Crust
Parth Arora
Mitchell Bailey
Justin Bergin ©

QLD Intellectually Disabled Squad
Haydn Brumm ©
Brendan Westlake
David Baird
Nicholas McConnell
James Rossiter
Drew Robinson
Aaron Wood
Shaun McKee
Alex Baker
Jack Norris
Jason Cooper
William Evans