The Queensland Lightning won back-to-back Open Women's titles after defeating South Australia in the final, capping off an undefeated campaign. 

Queensland also won back-to-back Under 21 Men's championships after hitting a final ball four to overcome South Australia. 

In the Lord's Taverners competition, Queensland defeated South Australia in the final to finish the competition undefeated. 

In all Queensland contested four out of the five open finals, with the Under 21 Ladies team going down to South Australia in their final, and the Queensland Thunder just missing out on a place in the men's decider. 

Queensland was also well represented in the Australian squads that were announced following the tournament, with squads to travel to Sri Lanka for the 2018 Australasia Cup. 

With the open championships done, the National Juniors get underway this week. Follow news and scores at

Champions & Award Winners

Open Men’s
Final: ACT 66 def VIC 46
Alan Wilson Medal (Player of the Series): Matthew Floros (ACT)
Player of the Final:  Brock Winkler (ACT)

Open Women’s
Final: Queensland 106 def South Australia 55
Monika Brogan Medal (Player of the Series):  Briony Polkinghorne (VIC)
Player of the Final:  Samantha Dixon

21 & Under Men’s
Final:  Queensland 108 def South Australia Black 107
Player of the Series: Cameron Bullard (SA Black)
Player of the Final:  Hamish Chapman (QLD)

21 & Under Women’s
Final: South Australia 95 def Queensland 94
Player of the Series:  Febi Mansell (QLD)
Player of the Final: Sarah Ferris (SA)

Lord’s Taverners Shield
Final: Queensland 101 def South Australia 47
Player of the Series: Haydn Brumm (QLD)
Player of the Final: Brett Wilson (QLD) 

Australian Squads

Australian Men’s: Lyle Teske © (QLD), Matthew Floros (ACT), Rob Fitzgerald (QLD), Tim Floros (ACT), Jarrod Armitage (VIC), Luke Ryan (ACT), Rhys Dearness (QLD), Benji Floros (ACT), Justin Perkins (VIC), Ryan Dowse (QLD), Brock Winkler (ACT), Ash Paddison (NSW). Coach: Brenton Brien (QLD). Manager: Grant Macquarrie (QLD).

Australian Women’s: Nicole Martin (VIC), Briony Polkinghorne (VIC), Ashleigh Doble (QLD), Dulane Carson (QLD), Neisha Iles (SA), Rachel Baines (WA), Adelaide Campion (VIC), Elizabeth Hall (SA), Samantha Dixon (QLD), Kylie Rattray (SA), Laura Shaw (VIC), Elly Donald (VIC). Coach: Wendy Kemp (QLD). Manager: Maleah Harris (QLD).

21 & Under Men’s: Josh Fontana (WA), Alexander Floros (ACT), Tristan Hoarau (QLD), Zach Schwarz (SA), Callum Wiggers (WA), Stuart Brigden (ACT), Jackson Hannon (QLD), Brad Thomas (ACT), Kai Hickey (WA), Jeremy Crighton (QLD), Tyler Hays (ACT), Hamish Chapman (QLD). Coach: Rob Boiston (QLD). Manager: Sam Bright (VIC).

21 & Under Women’s: Madeleine Wright (VIC), Amy Riddell (NSW), Ainslee Knight (SA), Alexandra Weeks (QLD), Amy Jennings (VIC), Samantha Arnold (NSW), Christina Coulson (QLD), Ella Baulch (VIC), Zoe Griffiths (VIC), Lauren Nicholson (WA), Tarlee Meaney (SA), Taylah Gregory (SA). Coach: Cindy Cross (WA). Manager: Tommy Holt (VIC).