Six teams have descended on to the Sunshine Coast this week to take part in the 2021/22 QLD Cricket Under 14 Male State Championships. The 4-day carnival will see the top Under 14 talent across the state ply their skills within a competitive environment. Day 1 begun with back to back T20 games.

It was a tough first day for the Coastal Burners (Wide Bay/Sunshine Coast), Central Infernos (Central QLD/Mackay Whitsundays) and the Northern Flames (North and Far North QLD), who unfortunately lost both round games, despite all being highly competitive. This saw back-to-back hard-fought wins by the Western Swelter (Met Southwest/DDSWQ), City Fever (Brisbane North & Bears) and Southern Blaze (SEQ/Gold Coast).

The competition will now move to one day games. Keep up with the most up to date scores and results here.


T20 Round 1

Coastal Burners def by Wester Swelter

8/71 v 4/27

Blake Armstrong (Burners) - 26 off 35

Kethmin Meegasdeniya (Swelter) 3/19 (4)


Central Infernos def by City Fever

5/94 v 6/106

Steven Hogan (Fever) 42 off 50

Ellis McCarthy 3/18 (4)


Southern Blaze def Northern Flames

5/150 v 8/98

Riley Eckersley (Blaze) 30 off 28

Samuel Morris (Blaze) 2/21 (3)


T20 Round 2

City Fever def Northern Flames

1/72 v 10/71

Luke Ward (Fever) 36 off 34

Lakshdeep Singh (Fever) 3/10 (4)


Western Swelter def Central Infernos

3/76 v 10/72

Ryan Atley (Swelter) 35 off 40

Harry Langdon (Swelter) 3/10 (4)


Coastal Burners def by Southern Blaze

7/95 v 8/109

Blake Armstrong (Burners) 42 off 52

Nate Thompson (Burners) 1/9 (2)