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Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket partner with Queensland Junior Cricket and Queensland Premier Cricket Clubs to stage championships at all age levels.

The partnerships and support of many volunteers is central to the journey of a player on the Australian Cricket Pathway. The role coaches and mentors play in establishing a supportive and positive environment is crucial to player development.

The Australian Cricket Pathway has developed a comprehensive resource kit to support coaches. Queensland Cricket Talent Officers and Coach Development Officers will provide face to face support and guidance for all coaches who are part of the representative pathway in Queensland.

Queensland Junior Cricket 

  • Queensland Junior Cricket is comprised of 12 regions. The regions are responsible for fixtures and competitions of club and community cricket.
  • The U14 male age group provides the opportunity for the 12 regions to compete annually.
  • Regional Coaching Directors manage the teams and work closely with QC Talent Officers on programs and selections.
  • For country regions the Bulls Masters have partnered to establish an U16 Country Challenge. These matches will guide selection for the QC U16 State Challenge.

Premier Cricket Clubs 

  • Premier Cricket Clubs provide representative opportunities from U16 onwards.
  • Players will be scouted from affiliate community clubs and invited by Premier Cricket Clubs to compete in the Lord’s Taverners U16 competition. This competition plays a key role in forming the QLD U16 State Challenge.
  • Visit the Premier Cricket website. 
Premier Clubs are the pathway to the QLD Bulls and all talented players are required to compete in the Premier Cricket competition to continue their progression.