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COVID-19 Sport Update

Updated 11th January 2022

Queensland Cricket would like to provide some additional guidance for clubs & associations navigating the current COVID climate. Clubs & associations should be aware of the Public Health requirements relating to the conduct of sporting activities and the protocols that must be observed when your Club is conducting any activity for your members.

At an Industry Briefing held 11th January 2022, the State Government confirmed the previous advice that there are no restrictions on community sport.  Further, it is extremely encouraging to see the work done by volunteers around Queensland to ensure sport can return safely in the current climate.  

Queensland Cricket has strongly supported the State Government’s approach to COVID management including fully vaccinated staff and encouraging staff to work from home.

Queensland Cricket is committed to ensuring community sport can continue and continue safely. We are extremely grateful to the many clubs for demonstrating this can happen as we’ve seen through the recent return to Premier Cricket, regional junior carnivals and participation clinics. 

Restrictions for sport, recreation, and fitness organisations - Outdoor Sport

  • Outdoor based organisations are no longer considered a restricted business, activity or undertaking. Therefore, organisations are not required to comply with the COVID Checklist.
  • It is not possible for contact sports to observe physical distancing while undertaking activity, however physical distancing should be observed at all other times, where possible.
  • Whilst not mandatory, it's best practice to continue to clean frequently touched surfaces and shared equipment.
  • Indoor spaces associated with outdoor venues such as clubhouses are required to follow occupant density requirements of one person per two square metre


Follow Queensland Government Health Advice

The current Queensland Government advice is:

Queensland’s COVID Safe Future outlines the restrictions for Queensland.

First and foremost, we are encouraging the community to follow the health advice. Namely;

  1. Stay home if unwell
  2. Check in upon arrival
  3. Wear a face mask in all indoor areas
  4. Maintain physical distancing
  5. Practice good hygiene 
  6. Bring your own water bottle

Practical Tips

Queensland Cricket has been working with stakeholders on a number of practical management guidelines to be implemented where possible including:

  • Limit dressing room usage
  • External marquees up for teams 
  • Separate areas for parents
  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Don’t share water bottles
  • Canteen management tips – order ahead, serve to outside, stickers on the ground
  • No shared hotel rooms (carnivals) 
  • Limit internal dining
  • Training in smaller groups, or teams (rather than entire Club)
  • Parents not to attend training
  • Strong messaging around and adherence to the health advice
  • Competition and fee refund flexibility i.e if someone cannot play or doesn’t feel comfortable
  • Schools limiting trial games to internal games

Premier Cricket Club & Competition Guidelines


 Queensland Cricket has prepared the following guide to assist PC Clubs for the COVID impacted situation we’re currently experiencing for the 2021/22 season:


  • If a Club is unable to field sides in all Grades due to COVID availability issues the Club would fill the highest grades first.
  • If a Club is unable to field sides due to COVID availability issues these games would be assessed similarly to weather affected games as an abandoned game, rather than a forfeit. Games are not to be rescheduled.
  • If players become unavailable in the middle of a two day round due to COVID, Clubs will be able to replace players on a like for like basis. Affected Clubs will need to apply in each instance to QC who will provide approval.  


  • On arrival, sign in using QR Code or manually.
  • Train in groups as directed. Training in smaller team/squad groups should be considered.
  • Everyone to have their own drink bottle labelled with name (each player/official to be responsible for cleanliness for their own bottle/container).
  • Before training commences, players should wash their hands and apply hand sanitiser after arrival at the ground.
  • Leave the ground when training finishes.




  • Each Club to appoint a COVID Official at each ground to manage COVID issues.
  • Where possible, parts of the ground should be cordoned off to restrict access for players and officials only. If this is not possible, use signage to minimise crossover.
  • Allocate seating areas for players, officials and guests.


  • On arrival, sign in using QR Code or manually.
  • Everyone to have their own drink bottle labelled with name (each player/official to be responsible for cleanliness for their own bottle/container).


  •  Avoid congregation in dressing rooms. Use dressing rooms only as required and conduct team gatherings outdoors. 
  • At all times observe the four square metre rule – signs should be placed at the entry of each dressing room with the maximum number displayed.
  • Individual kit bags located as indicated by the COVID Official – maintain social distance.


  • Before play commences and resumption of play, players should wash their hands and apply hand sanitiser after arrival at the ground and before taking the field for warm up training; Repeat before taking the field after a break e.g., lunch / afternoon tea.


  • Each team to ensure individual drink bottles are filled before play starts. 
  • Team official to ensure players place drink containers in a carrier.
  • Only allocated team official/or team player is to deliver drink bottles to players on the field and return
  • Ensure each player handles their drink bottle/container and returns it to the carrier.
  • Host Club official can deliver Umpire bottles and return from the field.


  • PC Club can determine to provide Afternoon Tea.
  • Players/officials can provide their own or purchase it from a Canteen.
  • Use disposable cups for Tea / Coffee.


  • All Canteen staff to always wear gloves and face mask.
  • Sell only sealed or packaged items.
  • Food can be prepared in line with appropriate hygiene procedures but should be packaged for sale.
  • Tea and Coffee to be sold in disposable cups only.


  • Maintain social distancing.
  • No forming huddles either off or on the ground (after play).
  • Leave the ground as soon as possible after the game.


  • As per ICC guidelines, no saliva is to be applied to balls.
  • No physical contact between players, including celebrations.



  • The QC Curatorial team is taking precautionary measures to manage the risk of COVID (i.e. staff double vaccination requirement, wearing masks etc.).
  • There is a possibility, depending on the impact of COVID on ground staff, that our resources may not be able to cover all preparation requirements.
  • QC will endeavour to keep you updated if there are any impacts to your Club and support alternative arrangements where possible.


We thank all Clubs and individuals for their understanding, flexibility and support during these unusual COVID circumstances.

Further information:



Industry COVID Safe Plans 

Industry COVID Safe Plans for sport, recreation and fitness have been implemented to cover all operations across the Sports industry in Queensland. These plans are designed to provide flexibility on restrictions for all clubs and organisations within each sports sector, including, where appropriate, allowing more participants and spectators than specified in the roadmap. Queensland Cricket advocated and provided input on behalf of cricket through in developing the Industry Covid Safe Plan for Field Sports.  

Industry COVID Safe Plans still play an integral role in the continuation of sport, recreation and fitness activities.  When an Industry COVID Safe Plan exists, organisations must comply in order for standard activity to be conducted. 

The Industry Plans and the Return to Play Guide have been updated to the reflect the announcement of Stage 4. 

The updates to the Industry COVID Safe Plans provide:

  • Clarification around Events and the interaction between the COVID Safe Industry Plans and the Framework for COVID Safe Events 
    • What constitutes an event (which includes anything outside of seasonal fixtures or competitions (including finals) such as carnivals, come and try days, gala days and State Championships)
    • The approval requirements for events dependant on attendee numbers
    • All other facets of the organisation’s operations including regular seasonal fixtures and competitions (including finals), organisations should operate in compliance with the Industry Plan.
    • What is required when an event is outside of the scope or not solely covered by the Industry COVID Safe Plan
  • Updated Contact Tracing Requirements are per the advice provided by Queensland Health, including the requirements for collecting contact tracing information from schools.

In addition, the Sport and Recreation Department has developed Community Gathering and Sporting Events Guidelines to provide further assistance to Industry around delivering COVID Safe Events. Currently, Industry COVID Safe Plans provide guidance to community organisations on how to safely resume play/sporting activities. However, being involved in a community club is much more than participating in the activity itself. The information contained in the Guidelines applies to activities planned and undertaken by sport and recreation organisations, such as:

  • Carnivals
  • Gala Days
  • Come and Try days
  • State or Regional Championships
  • Training programs/camps 
  • Presentation Nights
  • Fundraisers
  • AGMs/meetings
  • Viewing events for national sporting events
  • Social events








Return to Training and Playing Cricket After Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions in Queensland

Queensland Cricket (QC) endorses and has adopted Cricket Australia’s principles, guidelines and resources relating to Return to Training and Playing after easing of COVID-19 Restrictions.

CA has recently released Return to Play Practical Guidelines which have been developed to assist local Associations and Premier Cricket governing bodies in providing safe guidelines to managing the game within their local area. They are recommendations which can be implemented in full or adapted by each Association as they see fit. Ultimately these guidelines are designed to provide support to the cricket community, however the ongoing advice provided by relevant government Chief Medical Officers and the Department of Health will be the ultimate authority on dealing with COVID-19 within each State and Territory.  The guidelines cover:

  • Cleaning of the ball
  • Checking the condition of the ball
  • Placing of the ball at the taking of a wicket or end of a session
  • Transferring the ball at the completion of an over to a new bowler
  • Storage of equipment during play
  • Setting up and remaking of the stumps during play
  • Scoring matches
  • Team Sheets and Coin Toss
  • Matches Impacted by COVID-19
  • Player & Staff COVID-19 Etiquette for training & matches

CA has also released Playing Conditions & Enforcement Options. These are specifically, based on consultations with Federal and State Medical Officials, the Australian Institute of Sport and the internal Chief Medical Officer.  CA has taken the stance that participants should not be able to use saliva and/or sweat to shine the ball. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 is highest through saliva and this measure is in place to protect all participants and umpires. The health and safety of participants, officials and volunteers is CA and QCs primary objective.

Click on the Cricket Australia Resources tab immediately below to access this new information.


Cricket Australia has launched a Return to Cricket site. A place where clubs and indoor centres can access a range of signage and cleaning products to help them keep people safe and healthy whilst playing cricket.


QC-affiliated clubs, associations and zones now have QC return to play permission, dependent on full adoption of, and adherence to, the Industry Covid Safe Plan for Field Sports, and Cricket Australia’s guidelines and resources relating to Return to Training and Playing after easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


State Government Assistance 

The Queensland Government has now announced the successful recipients of the Active Restart Infrastructure Recovery Fund which provides not-for-profit sport and recreation organisations with funding for minor upgrade, repair or maintenance works and equipment to assist in re-engaging Queenslanders in physical activity.

Whether it’s sporting equipment for training and play, marquees for a fundraising event, white goods for the canteen, or a fresh coat of paint for the clubhouse, clubs were able to apply for funding to be supported to improve their facilities and purchase relevant equipment to encourage Queenslanders to return to play.

Clubs could apply for funding of up to $20,000 for minor upgrades, repairs and maintenance works and equipment to help re-engage Queenslanders in physical activity.

CLICK HERE to see the successful recipients.

To find out more about the Recovery Fund and to direct clubs where to apply, visit  



FairPlay Vouchers aim to support regular participation in physical activity, by reducing the cost of sport and active recreation for children and young people from low-income families. Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for eligible children and young people. These vouchers can be used toward the cost of membership, registration and/or participation fees for eligible activities with registered physical activity providers.

The latest round of the program is NOW OPEN.

Don’t forget, if you have a Round 2 FairPlay voucher, the expiry dates have been extended until 11 November 2020 for parents to present to activity providers, coinciding with the closure of this current round.  Vouchers can be used with registered activity providers listed on the FairPlay website.  For more information or to apply for a voucher, visit




Brisbane City Council Assistance

Brisbane City Council has recently announced the Lord Mayor’s COVID-19 Direct Assistance Program to assist clubs / associations that hold leases on Brisbane City Council facilities — 

Details: Council is providing $3 million in direct financial assistance to community, cultural, and sport and recreational groups leasing a Council-owned or managed community facility, to help them rebuild and re-commence services to residents after the coronavirus pandemic. Eligible organisations can apply for funding of up to $10,000 towards operating expenses incurred between 1 January 2020 and 30 June 2020, and future minor maintenance works at Council community leased facilities. Applications are now open. The Program will close when funding is expended. (Brisbane City Council)


Changeover Principles for Shared Facilities

QC has adopted Cricket Australia’s high-level principles relating to shared cricket facility changeovers with AFL in Victoria. 

QC encourages our affiliate clubs and associations to consider these principles when entering discussions or negotiations with winter code tenant partners to determine equitable access to grounds when a return to community sport is permitted, after relevant COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Please note that the document linked below contains high-level principles only. These are not hard and fast rules, and are designed only to guide local negotiations between tenants sharing facilities and changing over winter/summer use in 2020 and in some cases summer/winter changeover in 2021, under the unusual circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. To be clear, local agreements and existing agreements between tenants sharing facilities, or localised agreements enforced or negotiated with or without local Council involvement, will take precedence over adherence to these high-level principles. 



Cricket Australia Insurance Cover

Affiliated cricket organisations in Queensland are covered by existing insurance, through an arrangement with Cricket Australia. Participants will be covered under the Personal Accident policy, and clubs / associations under the Public Liability and Club Management Liability policies that make up the National Club Risk Protection Program. Cover under these policies remains under their current terms, conditions and exclusions. For more information CLICK HERE.