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Funding Application

Are you passionate about cricket in Queensland and have a project that aligns with our mission? The Queensland Cricket Foundation, in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, is dedicated to supporting initiatives that create positive differences in Queensland communities. Here's how you can apply for funding and our guidelines to help you through the process.

How to Apply

Review Guidelines: Carefully review the Grant Funding Request Guidelines below to ensure your project aligns with our criteria.

Apply Online: Click the button below to complete the grant application form.


Guidelines for Grant Funding Requests

At the Queensland Cricket Foundation, we are committed to investing in initiatives that align with our Four Key Pillars.

  1. Indigenous health and well-being
  2. Female, multicultural and all-inclusive programs and initiatives
  3. Infrastructure and facilities
  4. Supporting experiences for disadvantaged youth

Before you apply for funding, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

Alignment with Key Pillars: All projects must have clear links to one or more of the Queensland Cricket Foundation's Four Key Pillars. All projects will be subject to approval by the QCF committee.

Grant Funding Cap: The maximum grant funding available per project is $10,000.

Selection and Preference Criteria: While all eligible projects will be considered, preferential support may be given to the following causes:

  • Queensland Cricket Clubs
  • Community and/or charity groups
  • Carnivals or Cricketing programs

Grant Process: The Queensland Cricket Foundation have three phases in the grant process: Pre-Award, Award & Post-Award.

Leveraging Funding: We may leverage funding for existing or planned projects in collaboration with our community cricket teams across Queensland. The grant impact may also be utilised within Queensland Cricket Marketing for social media, website, or other forms of communication.

Individual Requests: We receive numerous requests from individuals on behalf of themselves or loved ones facing difficult life circumstances. While we empathize with each situation, individual requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and approval is at Queensland Cricket's discretion. Please note that most individual requests are unable to be fulfilled.

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