Child & Member Protection

Child & Member Protection

Child & Member Protection


Queensland Cricket is committed to ensuring that every person involved in cricket is treated with respect and dignity, is safe and protected from abuse and that the environment is a consistent and nurturing on for all players and volunteers.  We seek to prevent all forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse and promote positive values and behaviours. Cricket should not tolerate inappropriate or unlawful behaviour.

Queensland Cricket provides a Member Protection Policy Template to Clubs and Associations to assist in development of their own policies for the protection of their participants (download available below).

Queensland Cricket Association Commitment Statement

Delivering a child safe framework across our sport is achieved through supporting Children and Young People, their parents and guardians and by Australian Cricket and each of our Affiliated Associations and Clubs striving to be a child safe organisation. As part of our commitment to Children and Young People, Australian Cricket and the Affiliated Associations and Clubs seek to:

  1. Provide a safe and supportive environment for Children and Young People;
  2. Ensure that the experiences of Children and Young People are free from any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming;
  3. Empower Children and Young People to act and respond to behaviour that is not acceptable or inappropriate;
  4. Publicise and make available the Codes of Behaviour that underpin our sport;
  5. Make information available on who Children and Young People can approach if they feel unsafe or they become aware of or are concerned about any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming;
  6. Establish a reporting framework that allows Children and Young People and others to report any incident affecting the safety and well-being of Children and Young People; and
  7. Provide support services to any Child or Young Person and their families who might be affected by any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

MPIOs provide information and guidance on complaints procedures and are available to discuss concerns relating to conduct or circumstances at a club or association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint.

  • Area Manager North - Mitch Farnell
  • Area Manager Central - Nicola Browne
  • Area Manager Metro - Daniel Kearney
  • Area Manager South - Matthew Richards

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