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QLD Cricket Foundation

Supporting initiatives to grow cricket in Queensland

Play your part in helping to secure the future of our sport by supporting the growth of cricket in Queensland through the Queensland Cricket Foundation. 

By donating to the Queensland Cricket Foundation you will help cricket associations and clubs across the state develop the infrastructure needed to foster participation, identify talent and improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of clubs. 

The Queensland Cricket Foundation has been established through the Australian Sports Foundation, an organisation that helps clubs from the grassroots and community level, to professional and elite national level, and individual athletes to fundraise for sport. 

Specifically, the Queensland Cricket Foundation will enable the growth of new and stronger funding partnerships with cricket interests, supporters and fans, as well as with business and philanthropic organisations and individuals. 

The work of the Foundation aims to give more Queenslanders the opportunity to support and participate in Australia's Favourite Sport, while enhancing the experience of all existing cricketers and fans.

For more information or to make a donation, visit the Australian Sports Foundation website.