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Information for umpires and scorers in Queensland


Umpires play an important role in all levels of cricket and without them, well it wouldn’t be cricket. Umpires are an impartial figure who is responsible for upholding the Laws of Cricket. There have been countless matches documented in history where critical decisions made by umpires have ultimately decided the outcome of the match.

As such, the training of umpires is crucial to the success of our beloved game. Queensland Cricket is responsible for fostering the development of all umpires across the state from grass roots level, as well as providing a career path to state and international level. 

The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) are the custodians of the Laws of Cricket, writing and interpreting the Laws which are applicable from grassroots through to international play. For more information on the Laws of Cricket, click here or download the Laws of Cricket app on IOS or Android.

For information regarding upcoming training courses being held across Queensland, please contact the Queensland Cricket Umpire Coordinator, Matthew Skinner, on or 0455 626 419.

Queensland Cricket is looking for umpires at all levels throughout our State. If you want to get paid to have the best seat in the house, register your interest below.

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