Teams Announced for Inaugural T20 Indigenous Challenge

The tournament is set to take place at Griffiths Park in Cairns, featuring three highly anticipated games of T20 cricket. The action is scheduled to kick off on Saturday the 11th of November, with Game 1 at 11am, followed by Game 2 under the lights at 6pm. The final match of the tournament will be played on Sunday morning at 9am.

The competition will see two teams go head-to-head, representing different regions of Queensland. Team North Queensland is comprised of players areas north of Central Queensland. Whereas team South Queensland will showcase some of the finest male Indigenous cricketing talent from Wide Bay, down to the Gold Coast, and out to the Darling Downs.

Queensland Cricket First Nations Lead Kieren Gibbs is excited to see some healthy competition within the three-game series, that features a mix of new and experienced players within the indigenous pathway. 

"Some of the boys have been involved in previous NICC campaigns, so it will be exciting to see how some of the newer players that have been identified compete. It's also great to see some representation from across the whole state." he said. 

One of the key supporters behind the event is Lords Taverners Queensland, who have made a significant commitment to fund the tournament for the next three seasons, which is looking to expand with a female competition in the future. Queensland Cricket would like to congratulate all players and coaches that have been select for the prestigious honour.



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