North Queensland | Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Darryl Gross, Volunteer of the Year in North Queensland!

Darryl Gross is the heart and soul of Saints Cricket Club in Townsville.  Despite his inclination to fade into the background, Darryl's indispensable role is woven into the fabric of Saints' identity. For six years, he has selflessly tackled any task, often without prompting, primarily serving as the club's pitch curator and chief of field maintenance.

Darryl's reliability is renowned throughout Townsville Cricket, with the Queensland Cricket Association frequently turning to him to prepare pitches when adverse weather disrupts other clubs. His unwavering commitment stems from a profound love for both the club and the sport itself, driving him to utilize every spare moment to ensure players in Townsville have the opportunity to take to the field.

From single-handedly covering the pitch at 10 pm to shield it from unexpected storms to operating the super sopper at the opposing team's ground to ensure fair play, Darryl's dedication knows no bounds. His dedication reached new heights when he willingly added the responsibility of overseeing the newly formed Saints Women's League team, recognizing the importance of fostering the growth of women's cricket in the region.

Remarkably, amidst his full-time job, Darryl continues to pour his heart and soul into Saints Cricket, earning him the affectionate title of the "Godfather" of the club. While he may shy away from acknowledgment, the profound impact of his contributions deserves recognition and appreciation, exemplifying the true essence of dedication and selflessness.

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