Darling Downs & South-West Queensland | Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Ian Mills from Toowoomba Girls Hub!

Ian Mills has been recognized as the deserving recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award in Darling Downs and South West Queensland, celebrating his outstanding contributions to female cricket development in the region. As the president of Toowoomba Girls Hub (TGH), Ian has created a nurturing environment where girls can thrive in all-girls teams and participate in the Toowoomba junior competition. Not content with administrative duties alone, Ian also takes an active coaching role, ensuring that players receive top-quality guidance by facilitating coaching courses for all coaches within TGH.

Furthermore, Ian's dedication extends to the broader cricket community through his involvement in initiatives such as the Winter Academy, aimed at enhancing the skills of representative female players across Darling Downs and South West Queensland. Additionally, he spearheaded an off-season training program designed to introduce cricket fundamentals to girls across the region, further broadening the sport's reach and accessibility.

Ian's commitment to fostering talent is evident in his role as coach of the DD&SWQ U15's representative side, where he cultivates an inclusive environment that allows every team member to shine. Looking ahead, Ian is already deeply involved in planning and coaching for next season's representative pathways, demonstrating his ongoing dedication to nurturing the future stars of cricket in the region.

The cricket community extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ian Mills for his tireless efforts and congratulates him on the remarkable achievements he has accomplished thus far. Ian's unwavering commitment to the development and growth of female cricket is truly commendable, and his impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

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