Athlete Development Framework

The Athlete Framework has been aligned to the National Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery (FTEM) player development model, which aims to make sure that players at every age and stage of their development have access to the best possible training and playing environments to fulfill their cricket goals.

The Athlete Framework provides a progressive development framework to support clubs and coaches across Queensland in creating effective learning environments for players. It has been developed following an extensive consultation process which included 30 experts including State High Performance staff, past players and stakeholders from across the cricket community.

The Athlete Framework focuses on the holistic development of the player to produce a ‘Game Ready’ athlete and the coaching principles and methods that have proved successful in developing junior, youth and elite cricket performance. These have been identified through the study of best practice both nationally and internationally, as well as through a review of the available academic literature. The Athlete Framework, therefore, brings together the existing great work done by Queensland clubs and coaches and a set of international innovative practices.

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