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Cricket is historically a game that brings communities from different backgrounds together. It is our vehicle to drive reconciliation. In this light, it is vital that we use the game of cricket to create more opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This will be through playing, officiation, educating & opportunities for a meaningful career in cricket.

First Nations

First Nations

Woolworths Cricket Blast

Woolworths Cricket Blast is an action-packed program for Australian kids between the ages of 5 & 10 of all abilities who want to learn the basic skills of cricket in a fun and friendly environment. Opportunities to participate in a Woolworths Cricket Blast program can be found a local clubs, communities or schools. Queensland Cricket has previously partnered with organisations such as the South West Indigenous Network to provide opportunities to participate in the program in remote QLD Communities. Annually, we are able to further our reach of Blast programs thanks funding support through initiatives such as Cricket Australia's Woolworth's Cricket Fund, or several Queensland Government funding programs. Visit to find a Woolworths Cricket Blast program near you.

Eddie Gilbert Program

Eddie Gilbert holds a special place in the state's cricketing history as the first Indigenous player to represent Queensland in the Sheffield Shield. Revered by Don Bradman, who hailed him as the fastest bowler he had ever faced, it is only fitting that Queensland named its Indigenous talent development program after this remarkable individual.

The Eddie Gilbert program takes on various forms across Queensland's 12 cricket regions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each area. Its overarching purpose is to identify and nurture talented Indigenous players, providing them with opportunities to flourish along Queensland's Indigenous Cricket pathway, and ultimately, to support their journey towards representing the Bulls, Fire, or Heat.

If you are an aspiring player seeking to get involved in a regional Eddie Gilbert program, we encourage you to reach out to your respective Coaching & Talent Specialist. The Eddie Gilbert program stands as a testament to Queensland Cricket's commitment to fostering Indigenous talent and creating a pathway for Indigenous players to shine.

First Nations Community Carnivals

Queensland Cricket supports several First Nations Community carnivals that are held across the state. These highly anticipated events include the prestigious Western Rivers Cup in Toowoomba, organized by the Southwest Indigenous Network, as well as the esteemed Stan Albert Shield in Rockhampton, hosted by Team Indigenous Incorporation. In addition, the Rainforest Cup in Tully and the Phillip Minniecon Cup in Cairns offer captivating competitions that bring together Indigenous participants from various regions. These carnivals not only foster a tremendous sense of community and camaraderie but also showcase the remarkable talent and competitiveness of the players involved.

The significance of these carnivals extends beyond the spirited games on the field. They serve as a vital steppingstone for Indigenous players, providing a foundation for their journey along Queensland Cricket's Indigenous pathway. These events offer invaluable opportunities for participants to forge connections with fellow Indigenous cricketers, fostering a sense of belonging and providing a platform for future growth and development. Queensland Cricket takes immense pride in supporting these esteemed carnivals, with financial backing provided through the Queensland Cricket Foundation.

Queensland Indigenous Representative Program

The Queensland Cricket Indigenous Representative pathway is where players of indigenous heritage can test their skills at the highest level and is a great avenue where players can be identified for higher honors. The pinnacle of the Indigenous pathway is representing Queensland at Cricket Australia's annual National Indigenous Cricket Championships (NICC). Here, Queensland selects the top male and female sides to compete against their state counterparts. In 2023, The QLD Indigenous Women's side ended a 7-year drought by defeating NSW to finally secure a NICC Championship for QLD. The men continue to strive towards and inaugural men's trophy. 

There are various methods for being selected for QLD's Indigenous teams. These include being identified through the Queensland Premier Cricket Competition, or a regional Eddie Gilbert Program. identified players are then invited to trial for the teams prior to final squad selection. QLD Cricket are seeking to expand the pathways into the state side and will pilot a North QLD v South QLD Indigenous Men's Challenge to take place late 2023. The fixture will see the two sides play 3 x T20's and lay a foundation for the 2024 QLD Men's squad. Contact your relecant Coaching and Talent Specialist on how to get involved in the tournament. 

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