QLD Cricket is commitmented to fostering an inclusive and diverse cricket community, aligning with Cricket Australia's multicultural strategy. Recognizing the rich tapestry of cultures within Queensland, we are striving to create meaningful participation opportunities for multicultural participants. By embracing diversity and providing a welcoming environment, we aim to break down barriers and empower individuals from all backgrounds to engage with the sport. By fostering cultural understanding, celebrating diversity, and promoting cricket as a vehicle for unity, our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive cricket landscape in Queensland.



Woolworths Cricket Blast

Woolworths Cricket Blast is an action-packed program for Australian kids between the ages of 5 & 10 of all abilities who want to learn the basic skills of cricket in a fun and friendly environment. Queensland Cricket has recently partnered with the Usman Khawaja Foundation to provide subsidized opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds to participate in the Woolworths Cricket Blast program. 

About Woolworths Cricket Blast

Social Tapeball Cricket

Discover the excitement of tape ball cricket, a popular modified format that originated in South Asia. Unlike traditional cricket, tape ball cricket allows players of varying skills to participate without the need for safety equipment. Played with a tennis ball wrapped in tape, this dynamic version of the game can be enjoyed in many settings, making it accessible to all. While the rules remain the same, teams are typically reduced from 11 players to 8. The versatility of tape ball cricket allows for easy adaptation to any playing environment.

As part of the T20 World Cup Legacy project, Queensland Cricket is taking proactive steps to establish multiple tape ball competitions across Southeast Queensland. These competitions will feature thrilling 90-minute matches held over an exciting 8-week period. If your club is interested in hosting one of these tournaments or if you're eager to participate, reach out to QLD Cricket. Join us in celebrating the spirit of tape ball cricket and be a part of this fantastic initiative.

Multi-Nations Cup

The Multi-Nations Cup is one of Queensland Cricket's premier multiculutral programs. The tournament is a celebration of culture and cricket, bringing many nations together to join in their love for the game. Queensland Cricket launched the inaugural Multi-Nations Cup in 2023, utilising the tapeball format. The tournament included teams from Brisbane's Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indian and South African communities, and will look to expand to a 2-day hardball competition in 2024. 

Upcoming Events

Goodwill Cup

Friday 4th August, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Allan Border Field, Albion

Key contacts

Dr Ashutosh Misra

QLD Cricket Project Officer - Mulitcultural

0413 709 258 

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